The following description is from a review of Conversational Hypnosis in the Journal of Hypnotism by Theodore Benton, M.Ed.

"Carol Sommer has published a wonderful book, Conversational Hypnosis: Manual of Indirect Suggestion. The manual begins with a look at the varieties of indirect suggestion, the language of hypnosis, appropriate uses of indirect suggestion, and a comparison of direct and indirect suggestion. It focuses on Milton Erickson, MD,  his work, and his understanding of the nature of hypnosis. Sommer states, "Erickson viewed trance as a natural phenomenon and emphasized the tendency we all have to go into trance as we communicate with one another." As Sommer points out, hypnosis is conversation; it is communication. We know that it is happening all of the time in the waking state and while asleep. The hypnotic state could not be more natural!  Sommer’s position is that indirect technique offers more avenues for us to be effective with our clients/patients. "  

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